Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweat-zy (cup / can cozy)

Not too long ago, I saw some cup cozies that were made for coffee cups.  They looked pretty cute on the cups.  They were created to keep your fingers from getting too hot when holding that hot cup o' Joe.  I really liked the idea, and I made a couple up to keep in the car.  Here's the link for a knitted cozy pattern I made for my daughter. It's posted on my Ravelry page. 

Have you ever had your water bottle sweat all over table?  What a pain! I started thinking about those cozies.  I wondered if I could use them on my water bottle to prevent the puddling that occurs when I put ice in my bottle on a hot day.  I took it to work and it worked like a charm.  My friend's water bottle sweat all over the table and my spot was dry.  Perfect!  The "Sweat-zy" (my name for the cozies I made) I used was made from acrylic yarn.  This means they're inexpensive to make.   Here's a link to a can cozy, which can be downloaded free on the Ravelry website.    This pattern will make a sweat-zy that will fit on a cup the size of a Tupperware tumbler, a small Nalgene bottle and a soda can.  By adding a few extra chains to the beginning row, you can increase the size of this cozy to fit on any water bottle. 

To fit a large Nalgene bottle, I used 38 or 40 chains to start.  The amount of tension you use when crocheting and the thickness of your worsted weight yarn will be your determining factor.  These will also fit on a 1 quart mason jar.  They could be covered and given as gifts.


Khristen said... [Reply to comment]

Cute, cute! I saw this on your cup the other day and thought what a great idea it was, thanks for the info on the sizing for Nalgene bottles. When I learn to knit, I can make one to keep my bottle from sweating all over the stuff inside my little backpack :)

Needlin' on the Ridge said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Khristen, Thanks for writing. Who knows, maybe one day the sweat-zy fairy will bring you a surprise. :-)